More Hardy on X60 investigation…

Still tinkering away with Ubuntu Hardy Heron on the Thinkpad X60. Since my last posting, Ubuntu updated their kernel to 2.6.24-16, and the corresponding modules package has a newer iwl3945 driver (version 1.2.0, though compat-wireless has 1.2.23). The wireless on this machine appears to work out of the box now. I suspended and resumed a […]

A little closer, but still not quite there: Hardy Heron on my Thinkpad X60

I’ve reported my experiences on running previous versions of Ubuntu on the Thinkpad X60. Here are the notable updates with Hardy Heron: Wireless: Ubuntu dropped the closed source ipw3945 driver from their restricted packages repository, instead, opting to use the iwl3945 driver that’s included in upstream kernel sources. Unfortunately, the version that gets shipped with […]

Tracking Stocks using Google Documents Spreadsheet

Today I discovered a totally sweet feature of Google Document’s Spreadsheet. You can hook it up with Google Finance to pull stock quotes in near real time. All you need is the following in a cell: =GoogleFinance(“VTI”; “price”) The “VTI” part can be a reference to another cell. I’m guessing the “price” part can be […]