More HP LP2475w notes

OK, I’ve had the monitor for about a week now, and I also got it calibrated with the Eye-one display 2 calibrator that I got from newegg. Here are the full notes: Wide Gamut: It’s still there. It’s still kind of annoying. Firefox 3 makes the experience quite a bit more bearable, but Flash doesn’t […]

New monitor

After dilly-dallying for 9 months or so, I finally pulled the trigger on a new monitor, the HP LP2475w, and it arrived today. Initial impressions are pretty good. It’s definitely not as sparkly as the 3007WFP-HC was. That’s good. It’s still wide gamut, so now I have to go find a calibrator to buy. Joy. […]

OpenSUSE 11 notes

In a another bout of self-abuse (I should really see someone about this tendency…), I installed OpenSUSE 11 on my desktop at Work. It’s actually pretty slick. The installer looks really nice, and appears to work well. I think all my hardware was actually detected. Actually, the auto-detection worked too well. My mouse ended up […]


Yes, I know it’s totally cliche already, but I’m going to comment on Chrome anyways. I think Google has a hit with this one. It’s not even done yet, and I can already consider using it as my primary browser. It’s a great example of putting a lot of thought into a relatively small number […]