More on Opera

It still seems pretty fast, though I haven’t been using it that much. There’s not much justification to use Opera on Linux when you have the option of using Firefox on windows. One interesting note is that it appears to run gmail just fine. This is with the configuration where the browser identifies itself as […]

Opera for Linux

Trying Opera 8.51 for Linux. It certainly seems very fast and much improved. The interface is a lot cleaner and doesn’t have all the weird MDI crap that it used to have before. Settings dialogs also seem a bit better, but it still seems hard to find common things (why are Font settings in preferences […]

X Composite

Ah, the half-workingness that is Linux. I turned on KDE/Kubuntu and composite at work today. It works better than I thought it would (no crashes yet) but man is it buggy. Shadows not matching window sizes, garbage on the screen. Fun stuff. A few tips: If you’re using the nvidia driver, make sure to say […]


Apparently ntfs support in linux has come a long way. I just used ntfsresize (driven by qtparted from knoppix 3.9) to downsize my Windows Server 2003 boot partition, and it totally worked with no problems. That’s pretty fricking amazing.

Painful upgrade

Even with the help of multiple snapshots, I still haven’t figured out the exact order or things I need to do to upgrade my woody VM to sarge. I tried first upgrading the kernel, which made the vmware tools stuff break. You have to install kernel-image, grub, as well as kernel-headers and gcc3.3. Perhaps my […]

Setting the emacs font

This always was a pain. The traditional way to do it was to write it in your ~/.Xdefaults as Emacs*font: [some XLFD font name or alias] So it turns out there’s a much easier way. In your .emacs, just say (set-default-font “somefont”) Where somefont can even be an alias. Its much easier, and you can […]

SELinux Symposium

So I’m off to Maryland for the SELinux Symposium. A bunch of HP, IBM, Redhat, and NSA guys will be there as well. Should be pretty interesting, though I’m not looking forward to the flight (being that I just made the return trip very recently). But I guess everyone’s over there huh. (Redhat in NC, […]