New goodies

Got a lot of new goodies: Panasonic Monitor 10R headphones: The headband is really tight and they’re not broken in yet, but they do sound pretty good. I really need some better output than the one that comes out of my dell workstation at work though. That’s to be remedied later Kinesis Maxim ergo keyboard: […]

New plans

Plans for the Mac mini are now officially scrapped. Now I’m gonna get a Hauppage WinTV PVR 150 MCE PCI card, so that I can hook up my PS2, and also a gig of PC3200 memory so this machine can actually run VM’s reasonably. Just need to figure out this ECC requirement/non-requirement business if I […]


So apparently actually ships from Japan.. an order of mine (for isolated headphones to use at work) shipped two days ago.. but that means its going to get here late next week at the earliest… I guess no music at work until then… grr…

I am evil..

I’ve broken down and installed Windows XP on my desktop. You know in the end, Windows still does make a much better desktop than Linux. I’ll probably install Linux in a VM and hack on stuff.. but it’s not really ready for a real home desktop quite yet. (Especially one with weird hardware) Of course […]


Can’t seem to figure out a good host platform for running gsx at home. I have a few requirements: a) it has to be a supported platform, b) I have to be able to get it relatively inexpensively, c) I don’t want ongoing support costs, d) I want security updates to be available for at […]


Finally got my playstation 2 today. Its been approximately 5 or more years since I have purchased a game console. I’ve got on pretty late on the ps2 bandwagon. FF X, FF X-2, and DQ8 were enough to get me to buy into the console. I sprinkled Puzzle Bobble, GT 4, and IQ to sweeten […]

Back to the tank

Back to using the good old IBM tank keyboard at home. Its super loud.. and ambiguously comfortable. The feel of the keys is still really nice, but I guess a split keyboard would still feel better. The plan for now is somehow try either/both of the Kensis Maxim and the Datadesk Smartboard. The SmartBoard is […]