Jai Yun

Went to a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant that got good reviews, called Jai Yun. At first site, it seemed interesting.. there was only a prix fixe menu with several prices (ranging from $45/head to $150/head). The appetizer was encouraging.. 8 small dishes with all tasty samples of various pickled vegetables, preserved meat, and […]

A couple keyboard tidbits.

So the keyboard reviewer at ATPM seems to prefer the iceKey over the Micro Connectors Flavored USB, over the Tactile Pro. Deck Keyboards also sells a 82-key version, which I still think the use Cherry switches for. It looks like Fujitsu announced an upgrade to their Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional series (now its version 2). […]


It turns out that you can already buy customizable wireless router platforms (called Wirless Router Application Platform.. started by a company called PC Engines). For about $150, you get a mini board with a 266Mhz Geode processor builtin in, 128mb of sd ram, a CF slot, a couple ethernet ports, and a couple mini-pci slots […]

Today’s detail

More on desktops… I also thought about this today.. if I had gone with a PowerMac, then that might have saved me from all my keyboard ordeals. I could have just gotten the real kinesis at both work and home and could have been done with it. With a laptop, you have the added constraint […]