A few tweaks

Before I dive into a whole blog theme re-design. I thought I would get my feet wet by tweaking what I have now. So now, no “proudly presented by WordPress” in the footer, and search results/archives give you full articles instead of excerpts.

A few notes

Things I learned recently while taking photos and working on them in Aperture: Taking landspcape shots from a high view point usually doesn’t work out. It tends to fore-shorten tall majestic things, making pics look pretty uninteresting. Subjects that are level with you, or above you seem to work better. Actually, looking too far upwards […]

Ordered the Avant Prime

150 + 15 shipping. Also, turns out not all ps/2 to USB adapters are created the same. I tried to hook my IBM keyboard up through the one that I had lying around, and it didn’t work at all. Well, the pc recognized it or a sec, but then it went away. Then it kept […]


I’ve narrowed it down to either the MS Ergo 4000 or the Avant Prime as my next candidate. But it’s hard to choose between the two. On the one hand, I’m pretty happy with the MS Natural Elite that I have now, so MS Ergo 4000 seems like a safe bet. It’s also a lot […]

Back on the icekey

As most of the other people who write about it say, the Apple keyboards are really just too mushy. It’s really much easier to do work on the iceKey than it is on the Apple. It seems there really is just a scarcity of good Mac keyboards. The only ones out there that are reviewed […]

Frick Frack Frock

So my company messed up my tax statement, so I had to file an amendment. What a nightmare. Back over to turbotax online… big noticeable option to file an amended return… seems simple enough. Then it starts asking whether ‘this’ return is the same as the one you originally filed. This? It turns out Turbotax […]

Entourage burns my hands

While from a compatibility-with-Exchange point of view, Entourage is pretty good, from a performance perspective.. it’s just plain horrible. It doesn’t even seem to be properly multithreaded. The UI thread will block up frequently as I’m typing a message.. and while I’m doing nothing, it’s constantly eating 40% cpu on my Powerbook, and making it […]