A few disappointments

iPhoto continues to be really slow. It eats a lot of memory, so much so that other programs take a hit. It even makes ichat unbearable. The OS X scheduler is a bit odd. Its very aggressive at giving priority programs receiving user input. On the other hand, it is also very aggressive about removing […]

Fry’s is evil.

That large electronics store known as Fry’s is the source of all evil in the world. It is a death trap for impulse or impatient buyers. I managed to purchase a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router there, pretty much on a whim, after I decided that my current wireless networking solution (which involved using Windows’ Internet […]

Quite nice indeed

2nd post! Well.. i haven’t gotten around to installing many 3rd party apps yet. I feel like there is a whole bunch of stuff to get used to just with the preloaded iLife and etc. There are a few things that I’m still getting used to. The one biggest one has to be the fact […]

The mystery continues

Upon quick reflection, it looks like Apple totally screwed up my original order. I had wanted a 15 inch PB with 512MB and English OS X and the 128mb vram card. What I got was a non-functinoal 15 inch PB with two 512MB sticks and a Japanese version of OS X. Who knows if it […]

Solaris 10 in VMware continued

Finally managed to get it all installed. Took about 3 hrs and a few reboots. Once it got installed, performance seems pretty reasonable. It still feels like it takes a long time to boot, but that may be because it doesn’t tell you what it’s doing. The JDS feels pretty nice. CD automounting seems to […]

Freebsd 5.4 as a guest

Tried installing the newly released 5.4 as a guest. Its too bad that VMware doesn’t have tools support FreeBSD guests. I guess it’s just not a big enough market. It’s a shame because FreeBSD seems to run really well in the guest. A vmxnet here and a hgfs there, and it’d make a fine webserver. […]

Armchair Traffic Theory

Today’s question: Why do buses on central city routes always come in bunches of two or three at a time. Here’s an intuitive proof. It seems reasonable to argue, that in the absence of traffic and any other reason for cars or buses to stop on the road, buses should arrive with roughly the same […]


What luck. I got a dud. Why do I always get the dud? The laptop would beep 3 times, and then quit. I took it to the apple store, they said send it back and get a new one. I guess I gotta wait a few more days. This better not take more than a […]