Thinkpad X60 Review

I’ve had my X60 for a few months now, so I’ve developed quite a few opinions about it. But first things first, the specs: 12 inch 1024×768 screen Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83ghz dual core processor 2GB of system memory 100GB hard drive Built in intel wifi, 3 USB ports, one firewire, SD slot, PCMCIA […]

Moving to x64

At work, I finally took the plunge into running a 64 bit host OS on my main desktop. I’ve been hesitant the past several months, but a 2GB memory upgrade (pushing me up to the magic 4GB) finally pushed me over the edge. It’s not that you can’t use 4GB on a 32 bit windows […]

The last straw for IE7

I’ve been pretty enthusiastic about IE7 since it came out. It seems faster, has tabs, and handles most websites pretty well. Recently, I’ve come to have a more negative view. Some of it is related to IE7’s UI quirks, some of it is just performance. Specifically: There’s not enough room for tabs (the bookmark buttons […]


Apparently, the correct way to use Technorati is to create an account, then claim your blog. The claim process is interesting. You to embed a special link: Technorati Profile, and have their crawler pick it up. Update: for WordPress, apparently you can just provide a username and password, and they’ll do a fake login and […]

Score! I hope: NEC 2070NX-BK

I’ve been agonizing over a new monitor to buy for my home setup. I couldn’t decide between a 24 inch “non-S-IPS but large and bright” versus a 20 inch “smaller, but S-IPS” model. Then I saw an auction on eBay for a new NEC 2070NX (which falls into the latter category). I managed to manually […]

Macworld Keynote Reaction

Apple TV: meh. It’s still too locked into iTunes. I’ve already got a PC hooked up to my TV, which works fine, and I’m looking at a SqueezeBox to hook up to the Rhapsody catalog. Yea yea yea, the iPhone is cool. It’ll be great if all you did was browse the occasional webpage, send […]

Toy Apples

I went into the Apple store for the first time in months today–a day before Macworld–and came away disenchanted and disappointed. Even as Macworld is about to begin, I can’t imagine anything that his Steve-ness bring into this world that would rekindle my enthusiasm about the whole Apple platform. It’s a rather depressing feeling for […]