WS6 and TurboPrint

Well, it looks like my little tutorial on setting up WS 5.5.3 on Feisty was pretty popular. Unfortunately, (or fortunately perhaps, I don’t know) I’ve upgraded my Workstation to an RC release of WS6. The reason? Printing. There’s not special install trick here. Once WS6 is released, you should be able to just use the […]

Feisty Screenshot

Still no hard drive protection, but everything else seems pretty good. Suspend and resume works, and joining wi-fi networks seems reliable as well. I’ve got pretty much the best font settings I can hope for with this amount of work. One thing I noticed was that because the X60’s screen doesn’t have the greatest viewing […]

10 years of email

So apparently Microsoft came out with a patch to fix the horrendous Outlook 2007 performance problems. In this article, there is a choice quote from Jessica Arnold, the Outlook program manager: In the long run, she said the company is “definitely investigating” whether to re-architect Outlook’s use of .PST files for local storage, as some […]

Fighting the Feisty font battle

Just in case anyone was wondering, at least I’m not the only one that is annoyed by fonts on Ubuntu . As described by that bug report, the most annoying aspect of it is that different applications seem to behave differently. And other reports claim that settings change even if only have a blank .fonts.conf.. […]

Feisty on an X60: next obstacles

Further reading of the ThinkWiki led to this page which details installing Feisty onto a T60. While the hardware isn’t exactly the same, the symptoms described on that page (especially with regards to problems with suspend to RAM) sounded familiar, so I tried their suggested fixes, which seem to work. So now my X60 suspends […]