Cheap NAS

After days of price research, I finally gave in and purchased a D-link DNS 323 2-bay home NAS appliance from Newegg, along with a couple 500GB Samsung drives, for a total of $415 or so (just over 80 cents per gig in a RAID 1 configuration). Yeah that’s a bit expensive compared to just sticking […]

Resizable Form Fields for Firefox

I’m kind of on the fence about Safari for Windows, but one of the truly great features is to be able to resize the text fields in any form. Turns out there’s a Firefox extension that lets you do exactly the same thing. It’s not as ‘pretty’ as the Safari version, but it works just […]

Safari browser on Windows

Not really a full review, but an initial impression of Safari 3 for Windows. It’s FAST. I know Jobs harped on this during the keynote, but it is definitely the snappiest browser that I’ve used on windows. It has none of the UI sluggishness that Firefox has. Japanese input doesn’t work. Not in the UI, […]

GRUB error 17

The Dell/Ubuntu guys are out of the gates with their first models, and also with their first QA mishap. I like Ubuntu ‘n’ all, but requiring users to edit their bootloader configuration to hack their way out of your mistake surely leaves a bad impression. Lets just hope that people know what they’re getting into […]