First Post!

My awesome friends felt so sorry for me that they bought me a Blackberry Curve for my birthday. All I can say is that this thing rocks. And I managed to post this without the damn thing crashing.

Feisty font battle, Round 3

I think I actually got somewhere this time. The end result is: Configuration details are available here. Note that the above shot is just for arial. The other fonts available on the system often look much better. But the point of that shot is that arial actually looks semi-decent now.

Keeping The Man off my PC

A few months ago, I read about PeerGuardian, a special windows program that blocks traffic to and from certain hosts that are known to be associated with law enforcement agencies and the like or just plain old spyware and malware. That’s cool, except that today I discovered that the reason my Outlook can’t download any […]


Qian and Matt conspired to get me a Wii for my birthday, and I’m having tons of fun with it. By far the best of the Wii sports is boxing. The minimum amount of movement required is pretty high, and it demands a considerable amount of skill and quick thinking. And it makes my arms […]

A couple cool windows apps

I seem to be frequently having this experience lately where I find a windows app that implements some desktop/GUI feature that I really like from linux, and almost in a better way. The two I’ve found recently are: VirtuaWin: A virtual desktop switcher for windows. (thank you Ramesh for the pointer) AutoHotKey: A massively customizable […]

Nikon Full Frame sensor

Nikon’s new D3 camera has a full frame sensor! Their marketing data calls it “FX” format. Whatever. Does this mean that 1.5x crop sensors are on the way out? They made all that noise about how DX is big enough and that it makes it easier to build new lenses. Was that all FUD? Does […]

OutlookSmartQuote initial release

If you’re like me, you’re stuck with Outlook at work because your company runs an Exchange server. Sure Exchange has IMAP and POP support, but it’s never quite the same as using outlook. You’ve mostly tamed Outlook, except for one small problem. All your programmer colleagues insist on using plain-text messages. And when you use […]

Why Linux font rendering still sucks

I don’t really know the lingo, I just know what I see. Look at the image below. Can you tell which is which? The left is XP, the right is Linux (Firefox, mstt core fonts, and mlind’s freetype/xft/cairo updates with David Turner’s newest lcd filtering patches, full, BCI-enabled hinting). I took the screenshot by overlaying […]