Linux on the Desktop part N + 1

Time again for my periodic trolling around the net for “Linux on the Desktop” articles. In this episode, I refer you to this Infoworld article, which talks about why Linux desktop hasn’t succeeded yet. The author, Randal Kennedy, claims that because of the development structure of Linux (how distributions serve as aggregation points), when a […]

Color Schemes for VIM

With Gvim, one can finally use the whole color space (not just 16-colors) to do nice code syntax highlighting and such. Unfortunately, actually developing a good colorscheme is pretty difficult and tedious. That’s where this page comes in. It lets you browse a bunch of canned color scheme files, rendered against some sample code. See […]

Updated to Movable Type 4

Ok, here’s my first post using the MT4 interface.. Upgrade seems to have gone mostly fine.. except where did my categories go? I hope I didn’t lose them.. Nevermind, the interface just looks different.. Ah, progress. Update: beware the templating changes.. apparently MT4 templates are way different from MT3 ones, and blindly picking a new […]

Gutsy on a Thinkpad X60

I guess this is a sequel to my previous posts about running Feisty on my X60. Except there isn’t really much to write about. Things worked mostly out of the box. The only recommendation I’d have is to tweak the font settings (System > Preferences > Appearance) so that you use subpixel rendering and full […]