Safari slowdown with 10.4.4?

Has anyone noticed that Safari seems to be really slow now after the update? or rather, it gets stuck while loading pages.. a lot of the time, it seems to be stuck at loading the css file for a page, which means it can’t display the page at all. Clicking the stop button usually makes […]

Super hack-tastic

Whatever device I end up buying, it’d be nice if I could use Japanese on it. It’s not a hard requirement, but it would sure make things more interesting. Unfortunately, getting Japanese to work on an American or European device involves quite a bit of work, but there are people who manage to get it […]

Another twist

A friend at work who is a Nokia fan tells me of another possibility: buy un-subsidized phones. Apparently places like expansys sell European imports which are unlocked and I can just use with Cingular. This gives me the option of getting an N71 through a different route when it comes out, or getting the E70 […]

The drill down

Ok, the frontrunners are still the Treo, the 2125, and the Nokia 6682. By screen size: (1) Treo, with 320×320 (2) 2125 with 240×320 (3) Nokia with 176×208 By Mac sync – ability: (1) Treo and Nokia tie (2) 2125 because its Windows SM 5.0 By data plan expense: (1) Nokia and 2125 ($20/mo) (2) […]

Some Ideas for Mice

It seems like the Mighty Mouse has been pretty much deemed a disappointment. The main reasons being: The scroll ball is a bit small and hard to use. It’s still really only one button. It’s wired. Here’s a couple ideas for a scroll mouse that gives you lateral scrolling: Touchpad mouse: Build a touchpad into […]

Lossless Bitrate for a Lossy Audio Format?

Something I’ve always wondered about lossy audio compression like AAC, MP3, ATRAC, and the like. Is it possible to have a high enough bitrate such that you are guaranteed to lose nothing? From my understanding of how most of these work, you take an input signal, and then transform it into another representation, then prune […]

UE 5Pro update

I’ve had a few more days to listen to these, and today I tried driving them with my Total Bithead headphone amp. They sound even better on these, much more full base and clarity, but they also make, as Ramesh noted, the backround hiss of the bithead really obvious. The hiss on the Bithead is […]

Gallery 2

I, like others, manage a gallery for other people I know — mainly, my family members. I personally use smugmug, but since I can’t really effectively share my smugmug account, I still use gallery for everyone else’s pictures (plus dreamhost just upgraded us to 20G, so there’s plenty of room). The new embedded Java-based upload […]