A new approach

Instead of trying to get emacs to work, maybe the right way to go about this is to try to learn how to script Outlook to do what I want. With the quick investigation I’ve done into the matter, it should be too hard to write a script that does something similar to mew/wl’s refile […]

Is XEmacs dead, or dying?

xemacs related mailing lists seem to mostly be filled with spam. Feature-wise, it no longer has many advantages over emacs21. It still has a bit more guification, but that seems minor. Gnu emacs21 has all the X-y stuff (variable width fonts, embedded images in buffers, updated look) Every email post, webpage, or piece of writing […]

Shopping list

You know, I always end up creating a list of things I want to buy in the future. Then I end up losing them, and I forget about what I wanted. So in an effort to never make that happen again, I’m going to start writing them here. Apple 30-inch monitor A new digital piano. […]

My first emacs lisp function

So mew has special variable call mew-refile-guess-alist which lets you control how ‘refiling’ works.. i.e. how to guess the target folder of the ‘refile’ operation. Mew seems to, in general, offer a different way to read mail that comes from many lists… it works better if you have them all come to your inbox, read […]


Why is there never a perfect piece of software. Wanderlust almost all of what I want, but it has several annoying bugs/misfeatures: It’s single threaded, so if it get’s stuck during an imap sync, the whole damn thing get’s stuck, the whole emacs session is stuck It doesn’t have any way to tell you that […]


As usual, I get to the scene a bit late.. but today I finally installed Growl. Then I discovered an emacs lisp that uses growlnotify to allow any emacs app to notify growl The possibilities are endless..

Using the OSX input method with terminal emacs

Well, according to PC web, the only step I was missing (after all the stuff in the two previoius posts) was to turn off the “Escape non-ASCII sequences” option the Emulation section of Terminal.app’s “Window Settings’ dialog. Terminal.app has this clever feature, where if you start inserting Japanese into the terminal, it displays the pre-edit […]

A bit better

For some reason ubuntu had a really old version of wanderlust (2.10 series, which is more than two years old). I guess no one updated the debian repository until very recently, so when ubuntu 5.10 came out, it was already too late to get included. Thankfully, the ubuntu universe pool has a .deb for the […]

My ideal work setup (almost)

Nerd alert. You’ve been warned. So I’m back on emacs. I like emacs’ perforce integration better than I do vim’s. I’ve also set up “mew” to read my imap mail. It works reasonably well, but one annoying limitation is that it can’t view imap folders with spaces in them!? But I’ve gotten mew to work […]