Finally did the upgrade to version 1.5 of wordpress. Now mine looks the same as everyone elses. Hooray. I managed to finally get a domain http://www.kendeeter.com. I’ll be moving everything there shortly and decomissioning chummy.mine.nu.


Well, it looks like Apple might do to the photo world what Final Cut did to the video processing world. Aperture looks pretty damn interesting. It gets many things right, that I’ve sort have been hoping for in raw conversion software: use of the full screen.. Aperture has its whole interface designed around this dual […]

Color calibration

With the fullsize keyboard now, I can finall start to use my powerbook in desktop like situations when warranted. This means hooking up my external LCD monitor so that I don’t have to keep looking down at the display. This in turn involves calibrating the display so that hte colors look right. And then there’s […]

Apple Wireless Keyboard

After much debating and hesitating, I took the plunge and ordered the white apple bluetooth keyboard. There were many uncertanties surrounding the purchase of this product… many conflicting reports regarding its connection reliability and its overall quality. Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve been using it for about 10 mintues now, and it seems […]

Finally, I feel normal

So for those of you who don’t know about it, the short story is that when I came back to the US after being in Canada for a couple years, I wasn’t able to transfer the credit record that I had built up there to something here in the US credit system, forcing me to […]