Mac Media Center box

I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist getting one of these Core Duo Mac Minis. I was really worried that Apple would choose to cripple their Mac Mini’s and release only Solo versions, but thank goodness they’re still willing to innovate in the performance area as well. My pet theory is that […]

No locking = No nothing

So it turns out all kinds of stuff fails when your locking calls fail. Dovecot can’t create indexes of your mailboxes. It also spits out a IMAP warning about it, and mutt pauses a second to display this warning. mutt can’t create its header cache without it, making the use of IMAP with large mailboxes […]

Is that your final answer?

After a long period of trial and error, I think I’ve finally chanced upon the best email solution for work. It turns out that, the solution follows the principle of using the best component for each task, and building a solution out of all the components — the so-called UNIX way. Anyways, here’s what it […]

I hate outlook so much

Just when I finally thought I tamed it.. it comes back to bite me with the stupid 32K rule limit. The number of client-side rules is for some reason limited by server storage space. Umm, ok. Anyways.. I have my new plan now: I will run a vm that mounts my nfs home directory, and […]

Aperture slow even on the G5

I stopped by the Apple store in downtown SF yesterday because we were walking around for a bit. I got a chance to play with Aperture on a G5 PowerMac with the 30 inch display. And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t that impressed. I was expecting/hoping for much improved performance, but it seemed […]

“Alternative” Radio Stations

So Live 105.3 stopped airing Howard Stern recently, and switched to the “Morning Music Co-op.” The station’s slogan is that they “fight to keep alternative music alive.” I guess that’s fine, but after you listen to this station for a few days, you realize that’s it’s not different than the others. It plays the same […]