The real problem

Here’s the “real problem”: I probably would have been a lot happier if the G4 powerbook just had a real CPU. As it is, the G4 is probably slower in some ways than my P4 1.8ghz (which has access to faster memory). I have this bad history of switching from desktops to notebooks of roughly […]

Windows Media Player

In preparation for returning to lots of windows usage at home, I decided to try out WMP 10 on my work machine. To my surprise, it seems a lot better than older WMP’s and WMP 11 looks even better, maybe almost to iTunes parity. Then it got me thinking about the various reasons why the […]


I finally found a terminal program that has the feature I’ve always wished for: Split Windows (i.e. A single “frame” that’s divided into multiple terminals. You can tile multiple terminal instances together without wasting any space between them, and manipulate them as a whole.) It’s called “Poderosa”:, and apparently it’s written against .NET/C#, which should […]

To build or not to build

So here’s the deal. I want a desktop/workstation to do photo stuff, but I think the Mac Pro is too expensive. My general requirements are a good price/perf ratio new CPU, 2GB of RAM, 500GB+ of hard drive space, a mid-range graphics card, and nice looking, quiet case. I can take the base Mac Pro, […]


I just discovered today that manipulating photo’s on my 2 year old Windows PC at work is way way way faster than doing it on my G4 Powerbook. The difference is so much so that I can only feel depressed and disappointed. This is making me really sway towards just building a $1000 windows box […]

RAW vs JPEG colors part III

A few more sample points. Here are the same results from a trial version of Nikon’s new Capture NX, and Capture One LE. Camera Nikon Capture NX Capture One Interestingly, Capture NX actually looks really close to the original JPEG (the brightness is a little different, but the colors seem the closest out of all […]

RAW vs JPEG colors part II

My previous tests were somewhat incomplete, in that the NEF file and the JPEG file I compared came from different shutter releases. This time, I used my D70’s NEF + JPEG mode so that I make sure I’m getting the exact same photo as a comparison point. Below are three sets of photos. In each […]

Raw Salmon

I’ve been playing around with RAW converters recently, and have discovered a few things. I bought Capture One LE a while ago, and did quite a few conversions in that. Lately I’ve been playing around with Aperture and Adobe Lightroom. I discovered today that I should have done a little more homework before I bought […]

Belkin Ergoboard Pro USB

*Model*: F8E887-BLK *Switch Type*: Silent Rubber Dome *Cost*: $32.99 off of “”: *Connector Type*: USB A co-worker of mine swears by the PS/2 version of the Belkin Ergoboard, so I decided to try out the USB version. I used it for a good two months or so, and here are my impressions. h3. Oddness The […]