Apparently ntfs support in linux has come a long way. I just used ntfsresize (driven by qtparted from knoppix 3.9) to downsize my Windows Server 2003 boot partition, and it totally worked with no problems. That’s pretty fricking amazing.

The smugsmug bandwagon

Finally got myself a smugsmug account. Unlimited, backed-up space to put full size frames w/o advertisements for just 50 bucks a year. I don’t really get how they manage to keep the costs under control. Anyhow it’s way cheaper both in time and cost than maintaining my own server to store photos (I might even […]


As part of my slight freaking out about halfdome, I’ve been doing the stairmaster at the gym this week. On monday, I did it for 45 imnutes straight and it told me I climbed 1900 feet. Today I did it for 30 min and said I climed about 1200 feet. I think the total elevation […]

You can never win

So a while ago, I bought a Linksys WRT54GS, so that I could stop using internet conenction sharing on my desktop to do share access among my machines. Recently, it’s started to act up.. the powerbook loses association with the router and I have to toggle the wireless settings on the router to get it […]

d70 day 2

Although these digital SLRs let you take really nice pictures, they also take a lot of getting used to, especially if you haven’t used an SLR in a long time. I feel like I’m back to my high school days when I first took a class and learned how to use an SLRcamera. Thankfully, I […]

Bought a Nikon d70

Finally made it over to Wolf Camera on 16th street and got one of these suckers. When I inquired about the newer d70s, I was told that they wouldn’t sell them in store until all the d70’s had sold, though I could order one if I wanted. I wouldn’t recommend going to that wolf camera. […]

Damn it.

I come home today to discover that my freezer door is slightly ajar. Ajar I say! I guess its been like that for a good 24 hrs.. everything inside has thawed. Thankfully, there was no ice cream involved. I ate as much as I could then left the rest to hopefully refreeze. I keep checking […]

Aloe Vera Yogurt

This pretty common food item in Japan is impossible to find here apparently. I bought some at the Nijiya in Mountain View the other day because I happened upon them, but I’ve not been able to find them at any other Japanese store in the bay area since then. The closest I came was the […]