Keyboard Pictures

I’ve added a few pictures to the keyboard page. I just took snaps of the models I have plus snaps of the key switches that support them. Not all of them are up as some of them are at work, and some didn’t come out too well and I’m too lazy to re-take them. I […]

CVT Avant Prime arrives.

First impression is that it feels exactly like the Tactile Pro. The N-key rollover works pretty well, but it seems to not work if you press down more than 8 keys at once. The key remap-ability is quite useful. I’ve already remapped the control key to be in the right place, and I will soon […]

Upgrading the Powerbook Harddrive

I’ve done several notebook hard drive transplants in the past, they all turn out to be not so bad, as long as you have a visual reference of how to take the thing apart in the first place. The Hitachi 7K100 100GB 7200rpm drive can be had for about $160. From experimenting with Aperture running […]

ExtremeTech reviews Das Keyboard II

Link. Mostly a standard review. They tested themselves to see if and how much their typing rate would improve, and they got roughtly a 10% increase over a week or so. Couple mistakes from their article: IBM Model M keyboards and Das Keyboard II have very different switches. The former has buckling springs with a […]


Found a co-worker with a Keytronic keyboard today, and surprisingly, it feels quite nice. I pulled off the key cap to see what kind of switch it was, and saw that it was a membrane switch.. hmm.. time to dig a little deeper.. Then, on their website, I found these tidbits: Ergo Technology has 5 […]