Well, somehow I managed not to obsess about things too long this time. Purchased the mac mini with my friend’s 15% discount. Turns out, I was speccing it wrong, so I saved an extra $70 or so from what I was expecting. $808 total including tax. Now I just have to get the SSD, and […]

The sidegrade

I’ve managed to catch upgrade fever again. It’s been about 3 years since I built the PC that I’m using now (well, modulo some upgrades made along the way) Here are the contenders this time around: a new Mac Pro, a new core i7 build, upgrade the current build with a ssd and a gpu, […]

Newegg HDD reliability analysis

Here’s my stupid table I created from browsing through a bunch of Newegg listings for hard drives: Model 4+ 1 egg total —– —- —— —– barracuda lp 1tb 83% 8% 62 1.5tb 64% 22% 55 2tb 85% 9% 47 barracuda 7200.12 1tb 76% 13% 287 500g 76% 16% 335 barracuda es.2 67% 13% 142 […]

Simplifying Email

I’ve been using a new way to read my email for a few months now, and it seems to be working quite well, so I’m going to write down how it works, since I suspect others want something similar, and I could have benefited from someone describing this scheme to me. Here’s the basic idea: […]


Enjoying the iPhone so far. Here is my obligatory first post from the phone. One thing that occurs to me that this is the first phone that I would consider using as an Internet device even after I’ve upgraded to a new phone in the future. The fact that it is a phone almost seems […]


Oh Explorer in Vista. Why is that when I try to eject a removable storage device from a sole explorer window that has a folder on the device open, you have to give me an error saying the device is in use? Can’t you just figure out that you’re the only that’s using it? And […]


In Outlook, if you go to the dialog to configure your filtering rules, the scroll wheel won’t let you scroll your list of rules. Seriously. What year is this?

Smartphone Multitasking

As I am prone to do with any gadget purchasing decision, I’ve been agonizing between the Pre and the iPhone 3GS. Those who like the Pre like to point out that it can multitask: it can run more than one “card” at a time, and you get some interface to switch between them. This comes […]

Open.. open.. open..

Installed the Win7 RC on the x60. Damn it’s good. It’s so good that I almost prefer using it over my big Vista desktop. I’m on a stint of trying to use RHEL 5.3 at work, but now I really don’t know how long I’m going to be able to last. Sigh. Well on the […]