Gentoo compiling optimizations

Sounds like a lot of black magic, but there’s a thread thats linked from the GWN.. Some of the more promising ones look like: Mount /var/tmp/portage on a ext2 filesystem with async and noatime Don’t use ccache if you don’t need it Perhaps I can add a third: Use debian 😉 But in all […]


So apparently, that bug that seems to hit everyone, where when you type a URL that points to a directory and you’re missing the trailling slash, it fucks up, well the solution is apparently to set the ServerName directive in your httpd.conf to the actual thing that resolves to your server. Since a URL that […]


Some movies are a waste of time.. or are they? I saw “You got served” and “Anchorman” today. Though both can be classified overall as a generally bad idea, for me, each had their moments. You got served appeals to the inkling of a break dance fan inside of me. All of the non-dance scenes […]

More on the kinesis

So part of getting used to the kinesis layout for me is that it makes you press some keys with fingers that I’m not used to. For example, p is now my right pinky, and c is now my left middle finger. But then I got to thinking, maybe thats how you’re supposed to type […]


Great, gmai is down again. It’s amazing how much I’ve come to rely on that thing.. I almost run my local email client as an after thought.. but I’m perdiocially reminded of my hopeless dependence when it gets stuck at the “Loading….” screen. I should probably set something up to pull all the messages off […]