So that's what interface metrics are for

Was always confused by this field in the Windows network configuration.. or rather never looked it up. Among other things, it seems it’s used to decide which connection is “preferred” when there are multiple available. Relevant post: You can use “route PRINT -4” to display your routing table. If you have multiple connections, then there […]


I just read an nytimes article about how Nokia has a problematic engineering-driven culture. Made me think about whether engineering driven cultures are actually bad. People often talk of marketing-driven cultures being sucky to work for, but engineering departments getting all the priority is not likely to be very healthy either. What you really want is […]

value per effort

Was thinking about mac vs pc stuff again. For the most part, my latest pc experiences have been exactly what I expected them to be. A little more work on my part, but for it, I get more for less money, and more flexibility. The money part is interesting. I did basically did the calculation: […]

stained glass

I like to change the color of the aeroglass windows once in a while for a change of mood. But Microsoft made it really hard to actually pick from a wide range of colors. While the control panel allows you to set the color, the following problem arise: The color of the text in the […]


Traded in my 15 inch macbook pro for a thinkpad x201. Bunch of reasons this time: mbp was slowing down frequently, requiring reboot. something to do with regularly running cityville, or plugging and unplugging from a 30 inch display. WindowServer would start taking major cpu time when there’s no activity, and entire desktop would feel […]

rapid storage

For whatever reason, using my new motherboard’s sata ports in AHCI mode with the standard Win7 driver causes my internal drives to show up as potentially removable devices. On top of that, on a resume from suspend, my larger 2TB drive sometimes takes a while to wake up, and this appears to the OS as […]

New Years Rambling 2011

It’s official a tradition now. First up, resolutions from last year: Exercise: FAIL Speak more Japanese to Kaio: FAIL Be “smarter” at work: WIN Take more photos and videos: FAIL Move this blog to some hosted service: WIN Yes, the last one is a really lame one. It doesn’t count. So basically, I failed at […]

coil whine

my new pc is awesome in every way except for this goddamn whine. I’m currently attempting to apply self-drying silicone to the offending component. My initial pass at it last night wasn’t particularly successful. Now I’ve glopped more of the stuff in and around the casing of coil in question. Here’s to hoping the stuff […]